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In our product range, you can find the livestock devises needed for extensive and intensive cattle farming, from the hay feeder, through the treatment crush, to the calf creep pen. If needed, we undertake the production...
Sheep / goat

Sheep / goatSheep / goat

In total 2 products

Animal scale

Animal scaleAnimal scale

In total 2 products

The animal weighing scales distributed by AGROVIVA Hungária Kft. offer the advantages of modern technology for all farmer.Why should we use a weighing scale? Weighing has many advantages:Having exact results, we can...
Animal transport vehicle

Animal transport...Animal transport vehicle

The animal transport vehicles with overrun brake are made in 3 lengths, depending on the order, it can be made in double-deck version. The chassis is made of hot dip galvanized sectional steel, the superstructure is made...
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