Animal scale

The animal weighing scales distributed by AGROVIVA Hungária Kft. offer the advantages of modern technology for all farmer.

Why should we use a weighing scale? Weighing has many advantages:

Having exact results, we can avoid the errors derived from the inaccuracy of visual inspection, and the negative effects of it.
By mating the animals which have reached the optimal liveweight at mating typical of the species, breed, the indicators related to breeding can be improved.
If you know the exact mass, you can provide more effective feeding, nutrition supply.
In case of buying or selling animals, it helps to determine the most precise price, so that you can avoid troubles resulting from this.
The animal weighing scales are especially for weighing the animals. With their internal software, animals can be weighed easily, even when they are in motion. Their cover can resist dust and water, so they can be used in almost any circumstances. Due to the fact that they can be charged from the battery of a car, and thanks to their integrated battery, they can be used anywhere.

In addition to this, the appropriate types can be paired easily with the farm management system. It is possible due to the fact that the appropriate model can handle the unique identification number of the animal, whether it is a tattoo or and electronic identification 

In the wide range of load bars and measurement indicators, everyone can find that suits his/her needs.

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