In our product range, you can find the livestock devises needed for extensive and intensive cattle farming, from the hay feeder, through the treatment crush, to the calf creep pen. If needed, we undertake the production of custom made devices, from the special size heated drinking equipment , to the complete stable equipment.

Squeeze chute

Squeeze chuteSqueeze chute

In total 2 products

Our treatment crushes provide the stable and safe fixing of animals during insemination, pregnancy test and different treatments. In our product range, you can find crushes from the simple painted crush, through hoof...


In total 2 products

Our automatic and V-shaped headgate can be fixed to columns, head bail supports and pen panels. We recommend our automatic head bails for hornless animals, when the animal steps in it fixes itself automatically. We...
Pen panels

Pen panelsPen panels

In total 4 products

For the outdoor capturing, selection of animals. These can be used by fixing them to head bails, head bail supports, crushes, weighing buildings. By attaching the pen panels to each other in succession, a pen or pen...
Calf creep pens

Calf creep pensCalf creep pens

In total 1 products

Recommended for the supplementary feeding of calves on pastures. We made it in two sizes, in painted and galvanized versions, with top and suspended feeder. It can be mounted on separate sides but in its assembled...


In total 2 products

On skid construction which is towable in pasture, in 2 - 4 - 6 meters length, with 900 - 1700 - 2600 liters of storage capacity, in painted and galvanized version.
Hay feeders

Hay feedersHay feeders

In total 4 products

The purpose of our hay feeders is to protect the bale from dirt and the loss due to trampling. Made in panted and galvanized versions.
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