Our automatic and V-shaped headgate can be fixed to columns, head bail supports and pen panels. We recommend our automatic head bails for hornless animals, when the animal steps in it fixes itself automatically. We recommend our V-shaped head bails especially for the safe fixing of Grey cattle or other animals with huge horns.

Automatic headgate

Automatic headgateAutomatic headgate

Net price 585 EUR

Automatic head bail in galvanized version, with adjustable neck width on one side.
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V-shaped headgate

V-shaped headgateV-shaped headgate

Net price 600 EUR

Reinforced V-shaped head bail in galvanized version
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Combined head bail

Combined head bailCombined head bail

Net price 768 EUR

With the combined head bail, both the horned and hornless animals can be fixed easily.The neck width can be adjusted, thanks to which it provides a stable fixing, from the calves to the breeding bulls, in case of any...
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